She is a Nigerian who grew up in a mixed community comprising of a cross spectrum of the middle class to low class; including the underprivileged ones who were being traumatized and neglected. She witnessed all these happen when growing up where at times some lives were lost due to starvation, and some could not achieve their dreams and future.

She continuously strived on her own to support young children, orphans and disabled in furthering their education to whatever level and whichever way possible. Later on, she was encouraged by her friends and colleagues to start an organisation. Yielding to their urgings, she started an NGO named Clarehil Literacy Development Foundation with the help of her board directors.

Her involvement in the Healthcare Community created an oasis of pride in her, where she witnessed lives being saved; the poor being given hope to live again, the very reason she created Clarehil Literacy Development Foundation in Nigeria.

Clarehil Literacy Development Foundation has through Oge Nwabunike accomplished a lot in the past two years.

The remarkable and exceptional efforts by Oge Nwabunike and her team have institutionalised transparency in fiscal management of the organisation towards achieving maximum benefit for the less privileged.

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